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Our end-to-end services, combined with our data intelligence tools, can help you deliver on your goals more effectively, saving you time and marketing dollars.

Our commitment to you

We'll help you reach your goals.

We’re here to help you shine. We’ll work seamlessly with your team to deliver on your KPIs and make you look good to your leadership team.

Leverage powerful & innovative data intelligence.

Leverage the latest in data intelligence and deep marketing expertise so your campaigns are always informed by current and relevant information on your customers and market.

Access to personalized, powerful reporting.

We’ll deliver easy to understand, insightful dashboards that will help you and your team understand progress towards your goals and inform future decisions.

"I promised my client that WordCom was the best company for this job because you had strong skill and experience in this space, but also because WordCom was the kind of company they could rely on to go the extra mile. Your team delivered on this promise – and then some. It ended up being a much more complex and complicated job than any of us ever anticipated. But through it all, the WordCom team hit our aggressive and constantly moving deadlines, provided great support, and never once loss their sense of humor!"
"I’ve worked with WordCom for years. I rely on them for flawless execution under tight timeframes. And they come through for us, on time and on budget."
"We've been working with [your team] on a day-to-day basis and I've wanted a chance to tell you how happy the Bank has been with them and our relationship as well."
"You are true partners to us - very responsive, dedicate time to knowing as much about the products and targets as our team did, proactive about recommending program adjustments and opportunities for cost savings, etc... in my opinion, you're the best there is."
"During our recent audit by an independent CPA firm, one of the areas they reviewed was our recent merger. After the review, the auditor said that the conversion book that WordCom produced was 'the best they had ever seen'."
"I'm very lucky to have such a great partner as you and your entire team at WordCom."
"You guys are great, and I'm not just saying that! You are true partners, and we truly value that."
"We really appreciate our partnership with you and your team. As busy as we all are, it is good to know we have someone else out there collecting great ideas and helping us to think strategically."
"With two recent acquisitions under our belts, we know the importance of timely, accurate communications. For us, it's all about protecting the value of the acquired franchise in the months immediately before and after the systems conversion. The importance of planning and coordination across all lines of business cannot be overemphasized."
"We’re able to leverage their knowledge to our benefit with every program we do. And after every project, they provide a comprehensive post-mail analysis complete with ROI calculations. It’s just what I need to reinforce the value of direct marketing to my CEO and CFO."

Every hero needs a team.

With decades of expertise in financial services marketing, we are dedicated to helping financial institutions achieve their goals. We approach our work with professionalism while embracing a down-to-earth attitude.

With us, you’ll find a dynamic group that knows the importance of a focused approach and a dash of humor, making the journey towards success both effective and enjoyable.

And a powerful set of tools.

Unleash the potential of our cutting-edge data intelligence tools designed to help you reach your goals, while maximizing your resources.

Our tools allow you to leverage data to inform, execute, track, and optimize your marketing campaigns, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Elevate your strategies with confidence, armed with the insights and capabilities to achieve success.