Leveraging data can be tricky and time-consuming. DepositIQ is an innovative data intelligence tool and communication program designed to help you identify households that are most likely to open high-balance savings products such as CDs or Money Market accounts.

Learn more about how DepositIQ can help you reach your deposit goals.

Turn-key service

Our turn-key program includes data appends, analysis, modeling, campaign execution and results tracking. We do the heavy-lifting, so you can save time and see your deposits grow.

Detailed customer profiles

Using both first-party data from your database alongside third-party data from demographic appends, DepositIQ creates a detailed picture of your target audience, helping you better understand your existing customer base and identify areas for potential growth.

Identifying high potential

Based on the data gathered, DepositIQ analyzes multiple characteristics to identify which current and prospective households in your market have the highest potential to open an account with your institution.

Omni-channel campaigns

We’ll deploy an omni-channel marketing campaign that utilizes mail, email, digital and social to maximize the impressions efficiently and cost effectively.

ROI-driven campaigns

Leveraging data, DepositIQ creates heavily targeted, omni-channel campaigns that more effectively reach potential customers. That means less dollars spent on customers that are unlikely to convert.

Leverage data across efforts

DepositIQ model scores can be applied to the marketing footprint for other acquisition campaigns.