Business Accounts

Business prospects can be difficult to reach and don’t switch institutions often, so use data intelligence to focus on the businesses who are more likely to open an account. 

We can help you find businesses best suited for you.

Meet your commercial growth goals.

Personalize your reach to their needs.

Merchant Services

Internet Cash Management

Treasury Management Tools

Deposit Balances

Loan Balances

Laser-focus your marketing efforts.

Using data intelligence, we target various audiences within your marketing footprint to identify the business prospects that are most likely to need the products you offer.

Current retail customers or members with a business account but not a business checking account.
Current customers or members that are likely to have a key role in a business.
New businesses in your area.
Existing businesses within your niche.

Reach them at the right time with an omni-channel campaign.

Our omni-channel approach means that your message reaches the right audience at the right time, no matter how they prefer to receive it. We can handle every aspect of the program from creative to production, execution, and tracking.

A personalized approach for every goal.

See how we can help you increase your accounts.

Tailored checking solutions for every business.

Every business, including small ones, needs a checking account, which can generate more income than personal accounts for your financial institution. Targeting businesses can be tricky as business owners quickly assess offers and depending on the size of the business, you may encounter gatekeepers that make it harder to get your offers in front of the right people.

We’ll identify current accountholders lacking business checking and other local businesses as potential prospects. Using filters, we can target by industry, zip code, or sales volume. Leverging an omni-channel campaign, we can send out personalized promotions that acknowledge your customer’s existing relationship with your financial institution. Communications should be concise and repeated throughout the year to maximize impact.

Strategically Target Commercial Loan Opportunities.

A single commercial loan can yield more revenue for your institution than multiple consumer loans. Commercial credit lines are often used more than personal ones, leading to fewer idle accounts. Target current business customers for commercial loans, but also engage other entrepreneurs.

Tailor marketing campaigns based on proximity to branches, business size, credit ratings, and industry. Assign areas to calling officers by zip code and personalize mailings with their contact details. Use continuous mail/telemarketing as business loan needs evolve over time.

Make business clients feel understood and supported.

Navigating the intricate landscape of business financial services demands precision, insight, and an understanding of the challenges that come with running a business, whether it be a start-up or a seasoned large corporation.

We excel in aiding financial institutions refine their targeting and messaging, ensuring that both potential and existing clients truly grasp the breadth of services on offer - from merchant services and internet cash management to treasury management solutions.

Our goal is to help you ensure your business clients feel genuinely understood and supported.