Stay ahead of the banking curve.

With CompetitorIQ, be the first to know about competitor branch activities in your area, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your marketing efforts.

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Stay ahead of new branch openings to stem attrition and capitalize on competitor closings to gain customers.

CompetitorIQ Key Features


Real-time Nationwide Database
Access a comprehensive database of bank branch openings and closings across the country.

Instant Insights

Know when branch activities are requested, approved, and in process, even before it hits the news.

Interactive Map

Visualize branch activities with our intuitive map. Filter by activity type, state, and proximity to your branches.

Proximity Analysis

Upload your branch list and instantly calculate the distance between competitor branches and yours.

Data Export

Seamless export data for in-depth analysis in your preferred tools.

Weekly Alerts

Stay updated with email alerts on recent branch activities in your area.

Why choose CompetitorIQ?

Stay informed

Get the jump on competitor activities before they're publicly announced.

Strategic Marketing

Capitalize on opportunities by developing targeted marketing plans for areas affected by competitor branch closings.

Research & Planning

Gain insights into competitor strategies as they plan to open branches in your territory.