Client Communication

Whether it’s a merger or intricate legal mailings, we have an in-depth understanding of all the nuances. Recognizing the profound trust clients place in financial institutions for their security and wellbeing, we emphasize timely and clear communication, fortifying that trust and fostering enduring relationships.

A personalized approach for every goal.

See how we can help you increase your accounts.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

A merger is a crucial time for accountholder retention. The wrong approach drives away valuable customers and sends them to your competition.

When financial institutions merge, customers typically see it as the result of problems, rather than the benefits they might gain. To them, it may mean changes to product lines, services, and maybe even the convenience of branch locations.

Change the narrative by being proactive and focusing on the benefits of the merger. We’ll help you stay on top of your communication game so you can meet legal deadlines, minimize stress, and most importantly, retain happy customers after the merger is complete.

A powerful communication strategy.

Our communication strategy consists of mailers that are flighted according to the specific calendar necessary to meet legal requirements and reach customers at crucial times. The calendar begins three months before the merger date and finishes three months after merger.

Our custom strategies will always:

Maintain focus on the benefits of the merger to your customers.

Making your customers feel valued by providing details of the transition, address important questions, and survey satisfaction and financial goals afterwards.

Address all legal requirements pertaining to timing, information, and privacy.

Build trust with clear and compliant mailings.

We specialize in optimizing legal mailings for financial institutions. Our comprehensive service manages the entire process—from crafting compelling creative content to ensuring precise information reaches the intended recipients.

With our expertise in printing and postage, we guarantee efficient delivery, ensuring that the right people always receive the right information.