In any economic climate, financial institutions must prioritize building a robust base of cash assets for stability and security. Expanding deposits is crucial to fund revenue-generating ventures and act as a safeguard during uncertain times. An often-overlooked opportunity lies in various savings accounts, which can be the key to your institution’s resilience amidst challenges.

Leveraging our data intelligence tools, and end-to-end marketing campaigns, we can help you meet your deposit goals - all the while, saving time and money.

Find the best prospects for any deposit goal.

We analyze your data and compare it to your marketing territory to identify the best prospects for you.  Using a combination of modeling techniques, we are able to find people likely to open high balance products like CDs and money market accounts even within younger age groups.  We can also identify people with more liquid assets who might join your institution with a compelling offer.




Money Market

Take the guessing out of your campaigns.

Get detailed customer profiles covering demographics and lifestyle information.
Everything is taken care of for you: analysis, campaign execution and tracking results.
Predictive models determine who is most likely to open high balance accounts.
Omni-channel campaigns can utilize mail, email, digital, social and connected tv.
Leverage model scores across your marketing footprint and current customers.
ROI-driven results tracking dashboards show you match back open rates, cost per account and other valuable KPIs.

Strengthen your relationship with EngagementIQ.

Once prospects become clients, it’s time to nurture the relationship. Make them feel understood by leveraging predictive data intelligence and offering them the products they need throughout their financial journey.