Find businesses best suited for you.

Business prospects can be difficult to reach and don’t switch institutions often, so use data intelligence to focus on the businesses that are more likely to open an account. 

Learn more about how BusinessIQ can help you reach your revenue goals.

Meet your commercial growth goals.

Personalize your reach to their needs.

Merchant Services

Internet Cash Management

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Laser-focus your marketing efforts.

Focus your resources on business prospects that are most likely to need the products you offer.
Using data intelligence, we can laser-focus your efforts leveraging the following techniques:

Select businesses based on business type, primary function, sales volume or employee size.
Target retail customers that are decision makers at a business.
Target new businesses in your market geography.
Target businesses likely of being cash-heavy or in need of a loan.
Target businesses already banking with your competitors.

Increase your ROI with more efficient campaigns.

Our omni-channel approach means that your message reaches the right audience at the right time, no matter how they prefer to receive it. We can handle every aspect of the program from
creative to production, execution, and tracking.