Intelligence Tools

Check out our comprehensive range of tools designed to make your job easier and help you achieve your marketing goals.


DepositIQ is an innovative data intelligence tool and communication program designed to help you identify households that are most likely to open high-balance savings products such as CDs or Money Market accounts.


AcquisitionIQ is a turnkey, end-to-end, program that leverages business intelligence and an omni-channel marketing campaign to more efficiently acquire new customers and deepen the relationship with your existing ones.


EngagementIQ is a comprehensive data intelligence and communication program created to keep your new and existing customers engaged, provide information about products they are likely to need, and strengthen your relationship with them.


BusinessIQ is a data intelligence tool and communication program that will help you obtain business prospects that are most likely to need the products you offer.


CustomerIQ is a service that allows you to append valuable data to your customer file, including demographics, life event triggers, next most likely product, attrition scores, and more.


InsightsIQ is an innovative intelligence reporting tool designed to help turn your existing data into actionable insights, fast.


With CompetitorIQ, be the first to know about competitor branch activities in your area, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your marketing efforts.


MortgageIQ transform your heaps of data into actionable, clear insights that can amplify your mortgage marketing efforts and result in new business and more satisfied clients