Your Success Is Insight

Want to know what all of our clients have in common? They all have a desire to grow. They also share another common denominator: they all have a lot of data. A LOT of data! And many of them need an actionable outlet for this data.

According to our CEO, Chris Wachtel, “Many of our clients told us they did not have access to basic account opening metrics on a month-to-month basis. Or if they did, they had to request through their IT department and wait for weeks or months... long after the data was actionable. InsightsIQ allows them to see the information whenever they like and make decisions that can increase revenue in the short term.”

What is InsightsIQ? It’s a dashboard filled with key metrics for banks and credit unions. This includes…

  • Number of customers/members
  • Balances by product
  • Number of accounts by product
  • New customers/members being added
  • Counts by market/branch
  • Single product vs multi-product
  • Products per customer/member

This information, updated monthly, provides the following insights:

  • How many accounts were opened this month/quarter/year
  • What the balances were
  • How many customers/members have checking, a loan, or both
  • Show trends over time
  • Compares metrics to previous time periods
  • Interactive map shows where new customers/members are coming from for each branch

What can you do with this information?

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Track your marketing efforts
  • Determine new product and service needs
  • Be even more efficient and effective

You can even add predictive modeling to your InsightsIQ:

  • Next Most Likely product for each customer
  • Estimated Current Revenue Segment for each customer (High, Medium or Low)• Estimated Potential Revenue (High, Medium, Low)
  • Data append and report showing demographic profile by product
  • Attrition model to identify customers/members likely to leave

Consider the possibilities with this data at your fingertips each month! It can guide our next marketing campaign, highlight products with greater response and ROI, and, with predictive modeling, aid in strategizing attrition mitigation, identifying wealth management opportunities, and automating onboarding and cross-sell campaigns.

Starting with a clear vision of your goals is essential for growth. We understand your objectives and are here to help you achieve them. Your success is our insight!