Take Another Look at Your New Mover Program

Taking a fresh look at your new mover program may reveal ways to enhance its effectiveness. Discover how enhancing your new mover program can boost your bottom line

If you’ve already launched a new mover program, you may feel in an excellent place to capture new business from individuals on the move. But there may still be things you can do to make your program even better—and more profitable.

The key ingredients for a successful program

The most crucial components of any new mover program are:

  • Having a competitive offer.
  • Working with a multi-sourced data aggregator.
  • Ensuring “speed to mailbox” because acting fast is vital.

How to improve your program

The move types included on the mailing list, in order of how they typically respond, are:

  • Moving into the market from out-of-state.
  • Others moved from one branch to another.
  • Unknown estimated 40% unable to be identified based on their previous location

Some moved within the same branch footprint.

Analyzing how these move types perform and making changes can provide better results. For example, one financial institution’s program initially had a 1.10% response rate. After we eliminated the same group and reduced the target radius from 5 miles to 3, their response rate jumped to 1.40%.

Improve your program and profitability by making the right offer at the right time.