Prizelink Gaming Strategy

A financial institution increased attention for three new branch openings with a cutting-edge electronic gaming promotion. It resulted in high response and future leads.

A $4.2 billion Midwestern financial institution faced the challenge of drawing attention to three new branch openings in consecutive months. The institution was formerly industry-focused, so it was unfamiliar with campaigns for the general public.

Unique Promotion Offers High Profile

When they came to WordCom for advice, we recommended Crack the Vault, an iPad promotional game that fits today’s electronic gaming popularity. It’s one option of the PrizeLink game strategies.

Crack the Vault offered these important features…

  • Cloud-based game accessed with an iPad
  • Player registrations collected for tracking and follow-up
  • Eye-catching alternative to standard prize trunks and prize wheels

Selected Participants

Demographic and geographic criteria were used to find the best prospects in the new branches’ footprints. The contact list included customers who lived in the areas surrounding the branches.

Each prospect received a colorful 12 x 9 self-mailer with details about the game along with a unique gaming code.

The Game Scored Results

The chance to win a prize by playing a unique online game drew prospects’ attention.

  • Response rate to the mailing averaged 3.5%
  • One branch campaign yielded a response rate greater than 10%
  • First-year ROI across three branch promotions was 168%
  • Campaign accounted for 83 new members/customers
  • Resulted in over $6.6 million in new balances

The jumpstart benefits the campaigns provided the branches extended for months beyond the initial campaign. Using this type of game promotion attracted attention to the new locations in ways standard promotions would not.