Data Bytes Reach Business Owners At Home

Financial marketers understand the significance of business accounts to the financial health of their institutions. Several data tools can assist in connecting with business owners even at their homes.

Identifying Retail Customers as Business Opportunities with WordCom

Most existing retail customers have employment somewhere. Now, with the right tools, it's possible to discover their workplace and determine if they hold a decision-making role within their company. WordCom can add business affiliations to retail customer profiles and refine those results by factors such as industry, sales volume, employee count, and job title. This helps identify retail customers who might be potential business account holders. Once identified, these customers can be reached with your business offerings via mail and targeted digital ads.

To enhance this strategy, WordCom employs geo-fencing technology, enabling the identification of individuals working at specific businesses. By leveraging a cross-device graph, other devices these individuals use (like home computers, tablets, and connected televisions) can be targeted for digital advertising. This allows for reaching these professionals within their home setting. By including criteria like job title and function, the targeting can be further refined to focus on business owners and key decision-makers who might be interested in your products.

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