WordCom Celebrates CEO's 35 Years

February 16, 2021

Today, Christopher Wachtel is a sturdy and present force behind WordCom.

A mere 35 years ago, he was first given a work permit to run the laser printers on weekends at WordCom—something he had actually started doing three years earlier. Of course, money was involved, so 16-year-old Chris had no problem spending his time at the family business. Whether it was printing letters, running errands, or helping wherever needed, he was not thinking about his future—he just liked getting paid on Fridays!

A couple of years later, Chris was accepted to UConn’s School of Business for Marketing. During the college summers, his role at WordCom morphed into delivery driver and Marketing Intern. He enjoyed those summers, but always thought he would end up in a marketing role somewhere else. However, by the time Chris graduated from college, WordCom had grown to the point where they needed a new role filled: Client Service Coordinator. Chris took the job and it officially became his full-time career.

His father George Wachtel founded WordCom in 1981, and since then, the company has grown to be a leading direct marketing agency. As time went on, Chris found his niche in data-driven marketing strategy.

“I’m a very analytical person,” he admits, “and once I realized I could use analytics to predict marketing, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.”

It was Chris’ early computer literacy, back in a time when automation and innovation were just getting started, that helped WordCom become the industry leader it is today. Chris became CEO in 2009, officially purchased the company in 2016, and is celebrating his 35 year work anniversary this year!

Chris has worked diligently at bringing WordCom to a place that could offer data intelligence to clients in many different forms and on various levels. The tagline “Intelligent Target Marketing” that graces the WordCom logo is indicative of his vision for the company’s core focus: providing the tools clients need to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

From machine operator to delivery driver to President and CEO, Chris has remained grounded. He is smart, professional, approachable, and honest in his work. Sporting his traditional jeans and rugby shirt uniform every day, he shuns the stereotypical suited CEO look. “Even when I was a kid, I hated dressing up for events,” he says with a laugh. “Why would I change now?”

Chris’ professional yet personable leadership style permeates WordCom’s workplace culture. We have veteran employees with 15, 25, and even 30 years of tenure behind them, and newcomers are largely hired to fill growth gaps. The strength of our team and our culture continue to promote WordCom’s steady success.

“For me, being CEO is more about making sure people enjoy their jobs, and helping our clients be successful—in that order.” These are words by which Christopher Wachtel lives, and WordCom thrives.