New account openings and new customer acquisition is the aim of every financial institution’s marketing plans. But you can lose hours of precious time and waste your marketing budget with scattered efforts using hit-and-miss media outlets that offer no way to measure successes or failures.

Instead, using proven marketing initiatives with WordCom, you can expand your accountholder base, improve profits, reach top prospects, and lower your marketing costs. Plus, our reporting system tells you where you’re opening accounts and how well the marketing program is working for you in terms of measurable success.

Take a closer look at all the marketing strategies and advantages WordCom offers you.


Even if you have an in-house creative team, our copywriters and designers have the industry experience and specific knowledge to make your marketing program a huge success. Your message will speak directly to issues important to prospects in a language that appeals to their needs and encourages them to act, all with focused eye-catching designs.

Give your marketing program the creative edge it needs to recruit more new accountholders.


Who are your best prospects and where do you find them? The experts at WordCom can tell you that and much more. You won’t waste your budget with messages to individuals who have little or no motivation to consider your product offer.

We use your data to build a best-prospect for your institution, then add data from our own resources to create a prime prospects profile. We use data analysis to map the marketing footprint of your branches.


You could juggle schedules for various vendors and worry that your marketing program will meet all its deadlines. Or, you could sit back and let WordCom do the work for you. Our years of experience will help keep your marketing projects on track and delivered on time.

Your personal WordCom representative will manage all facets of quality control, printing, lettershop, postal requirements, and all other aspects that go into a successful campaign launch.