Hit-and-miss marketing programs only guarantee that you’ll drain funds from your marketing budget. The variety of data, analysis, and data solutions available today help make marketing more successful. If you have a specific goal or priority for your marketing communications, WordCom Strategic Intelligence solutions can help you.


There are key stages in your customers’ lives when they are most likely to need specific types of accounts and services.

Your financial institution should have a marketing program in place so you can offer help at the right time.



We analyze your accountholder data to find the most cost-efficient cross-sell offer that will encourage customers to open additional accounts. Instead of the traditional method of mailing the same cross-sell offer to all your customers, our analysis chooses the offer that’s most appropriate for each individual.


Some customers have more accounts or generate more profits than most others, so you want to reach selected customer tiers with specialized marketing promotions.

Our data analysis segments these groups and provides specific information or categories you need.

“You are true partners to us — very responsive, dedicate time to knowing as much about the products and targets as our team did, proactive about recommending program adjustments and opportunities for cost savings, etc… in my opinion, you’re the best there is.”

-Administrative VP, $120 billion in assets


What type of individual gravitates toward certain accounts you offer? Our intelligence analysis discovers those key factors so you can customize an offer for your best customer and non-customer prospects.

The information can also help you design your banking products to make them more popular.


Before you offer a loan to an individual, you’d like to be certain the person is a good or better risk. RiskIQTM analysis can increase response to loan offers, while reducing the risk of problem loans.



Who is the best prospect for a new checking, loan, savings account, or other services?

By analyzing data, we can identify customers and prospects who are most likely to open certain accounts.



If you can’t tell if your marketing project was a success or failure, then that’s a money-wasting problem. WordCom offers you reports for your specific project that give you in-depth information in easy-to-understand formats.

“I promised my client that WordCom was the best company for this job because you had strong skill and experience in this space, but also because WordCom was the kind of company they could rely on to go the extra mile. Your team delivered on this promise – and then some. It ended up being a much more complex and complicated job than any of us ever anticipated. But through it all, the WordCom team hit our aggressive and constantly moving deadlines, provided great support, and never once loss their sense of humor!”