Client Insights Analyst

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WordCom, Inc., a leader in intelligent target marketing communications for the financial services industry since 1981, is seeking an Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Client Insights. This pivotal role involves working alongside an Account Executive to support sales, assist in management of projects, resolve details, and maintain a professional client relationship. Ideal candidates should be strategic thinkers with a background in the banking industry, capable of thriving in a multi-channel environment and utilizing data and analytics to enhance client success. The position calls for a comprehensive approach to client service, with a focus on optimizing acquisition programs, improving customer journeys, and driving growth strategies. WordCom, Inc. invites solution-oriented individuals enthusiastic about making a significant impact on client growth to join their Client Success Team and help turn potential into success.

  • Collaborate with clients to create and implement innovative marketing campaigns tailored to their unique needs.
  • Analyze campaign data meticulously to identify trends, measure performance, and suggest actionable improvements.
  • Guide clients through the process of refining and expanding their marketing efforts for better reach and engagement
  • Possess a comprehensive knowledge of financial marketing strategies, including those related to households, loans, and deposits.
  • Stay abreast of the latest industry trends and leverage multi-channel strategies to provide insightful recommendations.
  • Establish oneself as a dependable consultant, earning the trust of both clients and team members through expertise and consistent performance.
  • Engage in creative thinking sessions to conceptualize novel growth strategies that can set clients apart in the market.
  • Effectively communicate and advocate for innovative ideas, convincing clients of their potential value and impact.
  • Proficiency in: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, OneNote, Outlook, Teams, PowerBi, Excel, PowerPoint), Mapping Software (ESRI, Maptitude)